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  • Classic southern style Rosé. Fresh, glistening and packed full of raspberry delight. Perfectly poised with fresh herbs, liquorice and bright red cherry aromas, overlaying nuances of orange blossom and white peach. The zesty palate exudes fleshy tamarillo and watermelon with touches of spice, delivering a briny fresh, clean and dry finish.

    • Cépages - 100% Grenache Noir
    • Alcool - 12.5%
    • Best served with salmon, bbq seiche or freshly grilled sardines.
  • A cheeky blend of Marsanne and Roussanne. Fruity, fresh with a lifted preserved lemon aroma. Crisp and dry on the palate with some juicy austerity. Drink with oily fish or oysters.

    • Cépages - 80% Marsanne 20% Roussanne
    • Alcool - 12.5%
    • Best served with oily fish, mussels or oysters
      • Receive 24 bottles in June- Mix and match  Misterioso, PIG White, PIG Rose and Sarabande white (max 6 bottles for SB white)
      • 24 bottles in November- Mix Misterioso, Les Rabasses. Les Jardins, Bousigue (limit 4 bottles of these), Les Espinasses (max 2 bottles) Pack includes two bottles of old vintages
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    • Receive 12 bottles in June – Mix and match Misterioso, PIG White, PIG Rose and Sarabande white (max 3 bottles for SB white)
    • 12 bottles in November – Mix Misterioso, Les Rabasses. Les Jardins, Bousigue (limit 2 bottles of these)
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  • This wine is a deep purple and dark beast. The nose is ripe cassis and plums with hints of liquorice and anise. A charming chary character has also complexed to add a touch of chocolate to the aroma and the palate. The fresh fruit character of the wine lengthens the mouth.
    • Cépage - 80% Syrah 20% Mourvédre
    • Alchool - ?
    • Best served with grilled red meats and mature cheeses
  • Les Rabasses -  This is a bold, expressive syrah blend that carries a wealth of very intense aromas of ripe blackberries, dark plums, licorice and sweetly spiced earth. Still so very youthful and primary. The palate is so powerful, so mouth-filling and so, so juicy. This manages to deliver such intensity and composure. Supple, long and deep-set tannins and heroically expressive fruit. Really impressive now, but this will deliver much more over the next 10-15 years.

    • Cépages - 55% Syrah 45% Mourvédre
    • Alcool - 14.5%
    • Best served with confit de canard, spaghetti bolognese or the finest roast lamb
  • This wine has a deep rich ripe cherry appearance. The aromas are of baked dark cherries, roasted peanuts, leather and some nutmeg. The palate is dominated by the cherries but there are some attractive strawberry characters, dried herbs and pepper combines with fine tannins. The wine finishes dry but a balanced acidity helps to lengthen the palate.

    • Cépages - 80% Grenache 20% Syrah
    • Alcool - 14.5%
    • Best served with smoke salmon or a mixed grill of sausage and marinated pork loin
  • As Mouvédre is difficult to ripen, this wine is only produced in the finest years. This wine is 80% Mouvédre and 20% Syrah. This wine is deep in colour with some lovely brambly nuances to the aroma. Wild Thyme and dried meat characters are also present on the palate which is rich and mouth-filling with an exceptionally soft and long finish.
    • Cépage - 80% Mourvédre 20% Syrah
    • Alchool - 14.5%
    • Best served with chicken, wild fowl or bbq meats
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