Isla Gordon

Isla is an owner and director of Domaine La Sarabande. Her knowledge and commitment to quality grape growing were learnt during several years of working with some of the best viticulturists in New Zealand. Her experience, administrative and linguistic skills complement Paul’s abilities to make a powerful winemaking team

An Australian vigneron running from his past and hiding in the Languedoc. Paul has an unhealthy obsession with making bold block buster wines but has also been accused of being a ‘#^!*ing purist!’ While not making wine he can be found screaming at his tv hoping that the Wallabies will actually win something.

The littlest member of the team. Peter was born in Beziers and was brought straight to the vineyards to help with harvest. He was only three days old but very helpful at scaring the wild pigs away from the grapes. He has expressed no interest in wine and wants to be a banker!

Rory John Gordon has no hope in avoiding a life of poverty by being a vigneron. The first born son is being prepped to take over from his father especially when it comes to pruning and harvesting grapes. Has little interest in Rugby but will be forced to play.

Has the unfair reputation of being the greediest Spaniel on the planet! Born in New Zealand, she even has the posh Cantabrian accent. The only All Black supporter allowed in our house during the Bledisloe Cup!

The newest addition to the team. Scrawny and quick. Sherpa has the genetics of great hunters but the skillset of a 14 year old Lab. Her manic yelping in the vineyards keep the vines free of birds, pigs, friends etc.