It’s the acid that eats the bodies!

New Jersey. What a weird and wonderful place. I teamed up with the unstopable Chris Zitzman, in charge of Angels’ share portfolio in New Jersey, early on Wedsnesday morning. We arranged to meet at the Weehawken ferry terminal just across the Hudson river from Manhattan. This stretch of waterfront was the dumping ground for Manhattan waste for generations and had now been flattened. Some canny developer decided to erect  multi-million dollar properties here which offers a pretty good anology of New Jersey. Always profitering off New Yorks’ trash.

New Jersey is a place of great contrast. As you drive through Jersey city you wish that you were somewhere else until you make it to Newark and then you wish you were back in Jersey city. This is where Tony Sopprano grew up and where Chris heard about the body devouring acid from a sweet little old lady that he met just after moving into the Garden State. The swamps surrounding Newark offer a great basin to collect the chemical emmisions of the local factories which apparently only release their toxins after sunset. A cunning trick so that no one knows that the place stinks! I hope no one from Jersey reads this!! Thankfully we had no appointments in the swampland and we went straight to upstate New Jersey where stud farms and the mega rich New York commuters enjoy their weekends. Chris had several stops for us to show the Sarabande portfolio. The thing that blew me away out in quaint Jersey countryside was the amount of fine wine that was being sold in these stores. I have rarely seen so much high end Bordeaux and Burgundy just sitting around on the shelves waiting for someone to go, “Duck tonight, how about a $450.00 bottle of Burgundy to wash it down. ” Outrageous stuff but just goes to show how much money is out there. Thanks Mr Zitzman for introducing me to such a fantastic place. I hope the sales go well sunshine.

Springsteen loving Obamacarists

 As I shivered on top of the ferry back to Manhattan, trying to get THE Photo of the city skyline, I contemplated the range of entertainment offered by Gotham city. Thankfully I chose wisely with a plate of BBQ pork from Chinatown and then a night drinking craftbeer at the TOPHOPS beer bar. It is amazing how friendly the locals can be over some pretzels and some very fine local craft beers. For a bunch of Springsteen listening Obamacarists they are alright.

2014-03-27 00.39.05

Thursday morning we ramped it up a notch as I was flung around the chaos that is Manhattan with our man on the ground Adrian Chalk. Never a dull moment as we pushed the boundaries of possibilities by visiting every French wine loving restaurant and Bottle store on the island. One thing I didn’t realise before was that owners of Off licence bottle stores  could only have one licence in Manhattan. Therefore there are over 150 independents in Manhattan and Brooklyn. What a great peice of legislation for wine drinkers and a fine way to stop supermarkets monopolising the market! We stopped at some fantastic restaurants like Lafayette, El Toro Blanco, Prune, Porter House, Rouge Tomate, Benoit and the Regency Bar and Grill. Hopefully our wines will be listed in these restaurants in time for our next visit. Quite a day and hopefully Adrian will forget my awkward Fist pump greeting and accept my thanks for a unforgettable time in New York.

Once again thanks very much Mark and all the team at Angels’ Share wines and can’t wait to go back and show New York to Isla and the boys.


Paul Gordon