Yes, we were very pleased with the quantity of grapes that we harvested in 2016. As the temperatures were so hot during harvest, above thirty for the first ten days, we decided that we would only pick during the mornings. Therefore the fruit arrived in the winery in sound condition and at a stable temperature. Either Isla or myself will tip every bin into our mini destemmer. This allows us to sort our fruit again to ensure that no diseased or underripe fruit goes into our ferments.

What sets us apart from many wineries is that we ferment all our fruit in small 1000L cuves. This means that we can really control the temperature of the ferment. Also fermentation will often produce sulfur compounds that smell like rotten egg gas. These can be easily ‘blown off’ by oxygen. To do this we just bucket the ferment into another 1000L cuve. Therefore we don’t use a pump that can macerate the fruit and over extract tannins.

Now as an Australian, atheist old punk rocker I find it hard to blindly follow doctrines especially when they are full of pseudo science. We will often get asked if we are Natural, Biodynamic or Organic but we simply believe in a common sense approach. To make good wine you have to respect nature, use organic sprays carefully and maintain healthy soils that are alive. If the grapes have stable natural acidity, full sugar and physiological ripeness and are packed full of flavour then we believe that we will make good wine.

We will remember 2016 as a year of intensely fruity Grenache with lovely electric acidity, black Syrah with phenomenal depth of flavour and beutifully ripe Mourvédre. It will be a pleasure to blend these wines next year. Thanks again all of our pickers! Giddy up!

Paul Gordon


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