• Classic southern style Rosé. Fresh, glistening and packed full of raspberry delight. Perfectly poised with fresh herbs, liquorice and bright red cherry aromas, overlaying nuances of orange blossom and white peach. The zesty palate exudes fleshy tamarillo and watermelon with touches of spice, delivering a briny fresh, clean and dry finish.

    • Cépages - 100% Grenache Noir
    • Alcool - 12.5%
    • Best served with salmon, bbq seiche or freshly grilled sardines.
  • A cheeky blend of Marsanne and Roussanne. Fruity, fresh with a lifted preserved lemon aroma. Crisp and dry on the palate with some juicy austerity. Drink with oily fish or oysters.

    • Cépages - 80% Marsanne 20% Roussanne
    • Alcool - 12.5%
    • Best served with oily fish, mussels or oysters

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