Sarabande P.I.G. Wines

2022 P.I.G. Wines White Swine 
We decided to harvest our whites early to maintain freshness of fruit and to give us a workable balance
of structure vs acidity. The resulting White swine is a delicious juicy wine that has gorgeous green plums
with a touch of freshly harvested honey. The palate is soft and lush. The wine is juicy and packed full of
fresh wild herbs.

Cépages – 100% White blend
Alcool – 13.0%

Best served with fresh mediterranean oysters, marinated mussels or flamed grilled prawns.

2021 P.I.G. Wines Pink Swine

Perfectly poised with fresh herbs, liquorice and bright red cherry aromas, overlaying nuances of orange blossom and white peach. The zesty palate exudes fleshy tamarillo and watermelon with touches of spice, delivering a briny fresh, clean and dry finish.

Cépages – 100% Grenache Noir
Alcool – 12.0%

Best served with wild salmon, trout or butter seared swordfish steaks.

2019 P.I.G. Wines The Red Swine

In seeking a balanced , for this GSM the blend, we blended close to equal parts of Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre. Here we see a wine with darker fruits at the core and more structural tannin, savouriness and dried herb spices. There’s less of the red fruits, texture and sweetness in this cheeky little number. Perhaps more Provence than Southern Rhone in style!

Cépages – 45% Grenache Noir, 35% Syrah and 20% Mourvedre
Alcool – 14.5%

Best served with corporate steak, chips and gravy.

The Orange Swine 2021

This wine was fermented in two batches. The first was made from slightly pressed Roussanne grapes. We chose August 28. I kept the skins and added the lees of the pressed Roussanne juice. It began to ferment overnight and was pressed after macerating for two days. The freshly squeezed wine was then fermented in barrels at 22 degrees C for 13 days. The grapes were crushed in a 10 HL fermenter and left to ferment naturally and at hot temperature for 8 days. It was then pressed and combined with the Roussanne lot. A little bentonite was added to stabilize the proteins before the wine was filtered and prepared for bottling

Cépages – 50% Marsanne 50% Roussanne.
Alcool – 13.0%

Drink with an overwhelming sense of unjustified defeat.