Sarabande wines are created in the vineyards. In Faugères the soils are ancient, they are squeezed between the Pyrenees and the Masif central and are 350 million years old. The vineyards are dominated by schist soils like the vineyards of Moselle, Priorat, Maury, Banyuls, the Valais and the Duoro. In Faugères the schist is perforated with limestone and there is a percentage of sandstone and clay as well in the vineyards. This stony landscape means that the vines have to search deep into the subsoils for nutrients and water. The soils drain well and the deep subsoil retains water. The vineyards of Faugères are dry grown but even in the hottest summers the vines strive as they are anchored deep.

Domaine la Sarabande is a relatively modest domaine with 6.5 Ha spread over 4 vineyard sites

Mont Gros Grenache

sarabande vineyards

This vineyard sits between the hamlets of La Liquiere and Lentheric in the commune of Cabrerolles. Mont Gros, the fat hill, dominates this region and our Grenache vineyards sits on the southern slope. With an elevation of about 220m it has a long ripening period and great drainage. These vines crop low but the fruit is always packed full of fresh cherry flavours and an amazing stable acidity.

Lou Sagnas Syrah

Lou Sagnas was the first vineyard that we purchased in 2005. It was planted with cuttings taken from Cornas. It is a young vineyard of Syrah that we have decided to train in goblet form. This is firstly to restrict yield, so the vines don’t stress in this arid enviroment, and also so that the fruit receives more shade during ripening. This is becoming increasingly important as the summer heatwaves become more regular!