2015 Sarabande Investment opportunity

2015 Wine Investment Domaine la Sarabande is a new winery that was established in 2009 by a passionate Australian/Irish couple. This start-up company was launched with the help of some very brave investors. These kind families, who had faith in Paul and Isla's skills as vignerons, put money up front so that they could buy [...]

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Five Years and Five of our Favourite Domaines in Faugères

This year is the 5 year anniversary of the establishment of Domaine la Sarabande in Faugères. A lot has happened since we decided to come to Europe to set up our Domaine. After working in the wine industry in New Zealand, for many years, Isla and I decided that we wanted to work in Europe [...]

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Five Good reasons to visit Faugères this summer

The south of France has long been a destination for northern Europeans looking for the sun. However more and more people are coming here looking for wine, food and the oppurtunity to explore the diverse coutryside. Here are five reasons why you should come to Faugères! 1. Cycling in Faugères I'll start this list with [...]

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Sarabande New York Tour part two

It's the acid that eats the bodies! New Jersey. What a weird and wonderful place. I teamed up with the unstopable Chris Zitzman, in charge of Angels' share portfolio in New Jersey, early on Wedsnesday morning. We arranged to meet at the Weehawken ferry terminal just across the Hudson river from Manhattan. This stretch of [...]

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Sarabande New York Tour (Part One)

The Eternal Transit Lounge The New York tour is coming to an end as I write and it is time to reflect as I sit in yet another transit lounge awaiting a flight that will get me baby steps closer to home. It has been an illuminating trip. New York struck me as a lumbering [...]

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2014 Domaine la Sarabande Newsletter

Thanks everyone in Australia  I haven't written for a long while but life has been pretty busy. We have been slogging our way pruning our new vineyards and have also pruned another five hectares for another grower. Just when I thought it was over Isla has agreed to tie down canes on some more vineyards. [...]

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2013 Faugères Harvest report

I have read a lot of doom and gloom regarding the 2013 harvest in France. While certain lesser areas, like Bordeaux and Burgundy, had a tough time we produced what has been one of the best harvests since we started in 2009. On saying that it was a particularly difficult harvest with some unseasonable weather [...]

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2012 Sarabande Vin de France

2012 Sarabande Vin de France Carignan and Aramon I have spoken about this wine before but we are so excited about this that I thought I should talk about this again. When we started Domaine la Sarabande in 2009 we started working a beaten up old patch of Aramon. This was planted widely in the [...]

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New vineyards in Faugères

Building the Empire   Yesterday, Friday the 13th, we finally took possession of 5.5Ha of vineyards in the district of Cabreroles, AOP Faugères. The whole purchase began just after harvest 2012 when we owner of the land we had been leasing had decided that he needed to sell his land. He was asking ridiculous money [...]

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