Cote de Boeuf chez sarabande plage

Revenez nous joindre au Domaine La Sarabande pour une soirée du cote du boeuf! Ce Mercredi 4 Juillet, 18h -22h. Menu €18.50 : Un verre du vin, Cote du Boeuf, Gratin Dauphinoise & Salade et puis fromage. Réservations obligatiore , 0674304328 ou Dégustation gratuit de tous nos vins, et venez nombreux pour goùter [...]

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New release wines at Domaine la Sarabande

Sarabande Press Release March 2018 At Domaine la Sarabande we are focussed on creating our highly acclaimed red wines in the Vineyards. The terroir of our Appellation is unique because the schist soils are extremely ancient in the southern French region of Faugères. The schist is mixed with a percentage of limestone [...]

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Sarabande Crowdfunding scheme 2017

A UNIQUE WINE CROWDFUNDING VENTURE Aussie/Irish couple raising funds to build a winery in Southern France London, England: We are holding a tasting of Sarabande wines in London to launch our 2017 Crowdfunding venture. Domaine la Sarabande is embarking on the next stage of development of our dream in the south of France. [...]

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Sarabande harvest report – part two

Yes, we were very pleased with the quantity of grapes that we harvested in 2016. As the temperatures were so hot during harvest, above thirty for the first ten days, we decided that we would only pick during the mornings. Therefore the fruit arrived in the winery in sound condition and at a stable temperature. [...]

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Sarabande Harvest 2016 – Part One

Not often does a harvest like 2016 come around. I have never completed a harvest where the fruit has been so clean and free of disease. We started the season with some very cold and wet conditions. While we avoided any frosts, flooding or hailstorms we did have some terrible weather at the beginning of [...]

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Spring walking in Faugères

Spring has sprung in the beautiful hills of Faugères Above the vineyards of Faugères lies an amazing array of trails lined with ancient dry stone walls. The stones have been collected over hundreds of years to firstly clear the land and secondly to build boundary walls and stone huts. These stone huts,capitelles, have been meticulously [...]

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