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Sarabande wines – new packaging and new markets

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Brand new labels for our 2012 wines We have had a lot of advice on our packaging over the last few years. We have mostly ignored what people have said but some things have stuck. One was to change the labels so that they could be easily identified. We have decided to do this with [...]

A sneak preview of our Vin de France

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Really Old vinesHere the latest wine for our portfolio! We have been working with  65-80 year old Carignan and Aramon vineyards for the last couple of years. The fruit has always been good and some of you might have tried our Aramon/Syrah blends in the past. Then came the harvest of 2012. Everything seemed to [...]

Our 2012 Wines are going to bottle

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Mis en bouteilleThis is a really exciting time for Vignerons throughout France. This is because we are all frantically blending last years wine to make space for the coming harvest. As I have reported earlier it has been another unusual year in the vineyards this year. We have a mass of rain over winter and [...]

It’s festival time in Faugères

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Summer has finally arrived in the south of France and the festivals have begun. Come and join us at the Le Fete de Vigneronne in the village of Faugères this Sunday the 14th July. What better way to celebrate Bastille day!!

Le Tour de France in AOP Faugères

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A long boozy lunch in FaugèresI don't really get into the whole MAMIL thing. That is the middle aged men in Lycra that are the scourge of the French countryside. Riding three abreast thinking they own the roads, scumbags thinking they are better than us fat feckers in cars. But I have to say I [...]

Holidays in the Languedoc – Wine Tourism in Faugères

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Sarabande Sizzing summer Sundays We first moved to the Languedoc in 2009 and one thing we have noticed over the last few years is the increase in Wine tourism. This is probably down to the fact that quality wines from this diverse region are finally getting out to markets throughout the world. Long may it continue! This [...]

Pruning in Faugères

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I was chatting with a mate in Australia the other day. He has been working in the wine industry for as long as I have, on the sales side, and he was questioning why we had such 'weird' looking vines in our vineyards? This got me thinking that our mindset has shifted quite considerably since [...]

Winter is almost done

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I am sorry that I have not written a blog for sometime. We have had our heads down during the winter months trying to get all of our pruning finished. We are still out there everyday as even though we have finished our vines we are doing some contract pruning to earn a little extra [...]

I’ve got the Post vintage blues, yeah!

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Another picking decision about to be madeIt is a dark gloomy day in the south of France. The vineyards are all starting to lose the luminescent glow and turn yellow as the skies are turning black. The winds are picking up and as the temperatures drop we have to nurse through the late ferments. Yes [...]