2015 Wine Investment

Domaine la Sarabande is a new winery that was established in 2009 by a passionate Australian/Irish couple. This start-up company was launched with the help of some very brave investors. These kind families, who had faith in Paul and Isla’s skills as vignerons, put money up front so that they could buy the equipment to start making wine in France. Six years on and they have established themselves in the Languedoc.

Domaine la Sarabande are now producing about 28 000 bottles of wine from some of the finest vineyards in the Languedoc. Their wines are available in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Canada, France, the USA and Australia.

In 2015 Domaine la Sarabande would like to offer a new wine debenture. The scheme is very simple and straightforward. With one upfront payment they will deliver a range of their wines to your door. This payment includes all freight and delivery.

Two  investment offers

There are two investment offers. These are both available with one upfront payment. With the first offer you will receive two dozen wines each year, delivered to your door, for a period of three years. The second offer is for three and a half dozen wines.  This is a unique opportunity of receiving these wines at effectively cost price!

You can contact Paul and Isla Gordon, with the details below, if you would like to take advantage of this fantastic offer or if you have any further questions regarding this scheme. Please note that this offer is available in Ireland or the UK only. The offer is available until December 2015.

Paul and Isla Gordon


+ 33 (0) 674304328