Well we have finally picked all of our grapes for 2014. It was a fast and furious vintage this year. We will usually stretch out the harvest over six weeks but this year everything was picked within three and a half weeks. This was because of the amazing amount of rain that we had or were threatened with over September. Luckily we dodged the worst of the storms. While we had major flooding all around we escaped the worst of the devastation. The rain that we did get here drained quickly into the schist soils. I wont lie we did lose fruit due to botrytis but we picked quickly so only lost around 10-15%. We sorted rigourously the fruit that did come in so we had no problems with our fermentation. Botrytis can cause major problems with fermentation as it inhibits yeast reproduction which can lead to stuck ferments. At this early stage our Syrah looks amazing, Greanache is good and Mourvedre is dense and concentrated. Lets hope they all develop well as they go through malolactic fermentation over the next six months.

Paul Gordon