The last sulfur treatment of 2011

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Put the backpack awayThere is a strong possibility that we are the onlyDomaine north of Rousillon that still sprays entirely by hand! We do this for several reasons but the main one is money. We don't own a tractor and the local contractor charges 60 euros an hour plus tax! Therefore every April the wife [...]

2010 Sarabande Vin de Pays d’Oc ‘Misterioso’

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Sold outLondonWe had some great feedback from my recent trip to London about our Misterioso wine. Three winebars that I visited want to put it on by the glass and a very prominent retailer wants to buy up every bottle that we have! Jesus we must be doing something right.SydneyThen I spoke to my great [...]

The Horrible Scourge of Oidium

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Powdery Mildew (Oidium)This horrible scourge of all vineyards is caused by a fungus called Uncinula necator.This fungus will infect vineyards with the first spring rains and temperatures of15°C or higher. Therefore it is important to start spraying at budburst. At Domaine la Sarabande we only spray sulfur to prevent Oidium and only when the weather [...]

The Schist that makes it happen

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A big thanks to all the people I saw in London recently. Some great orders that will really raise our profile in the U.K. Great to come back to Faugères and to see our vineyards are doing really well. The grapes are just starting to change colour which is called veraison. A very exciting time [...]