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Les Rabasses


Les Rabasses is the name of a vineyard that we purchased in 2013. The vineyard consists of three grape varieties that we have blended to create this wine. The Syrah is trellised across the top of this windy hill that was planted with the aid of dynamite. The earth is completed made up schist soils with particularly no topsoil. Therefore the rock had to be blown up so that the vines could find some dirt where they could anchor. The Grenache and Mourvedre are grown as bush vines. They sit on a south facing slope which is well drained. This is particularly important for the notoriously late ripening Mourvedre variety.


Vinification et notes de dégustation

Our entire harvest is picked by hand when we taste the flavours that we desire. All of our fermentations take place in micro fermenters. We add no yeast so the ferments are completely natural. The micro ferments mean that we can easily work the wines if they become too warm or they start to become reductive. The wines are pressed through a small basket press and remain either in stainless steel tanks or oak barrel over winter waiting to go through malolactic fermentation. The wines are then blended and bottled without filtration or fining. The schist soils mark this wine with deep, powerful and balanced fruit. To be drunk with rich flavoursome food.



Alcohol – 14.5 %/ vol                                        Production – 6200 bottles

pH – 3.55                                                        Fermeture : Capsule à vis