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My name is Paul Gordon and I am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful Irish lass who has supported my dream to make wine in the south of France. Isla and I came here in a beaten up old VW, with a greedy spaniel and expecting our first child.  In 2009 Domaine la Sarabande was established. Since then we have built our domaine into a successful business, against the odds, and now we would like your help to build our very own winery in this fantastic appellation of Faugères. We need to build as demand for our wines have outgrown capacity of our current winery in our tiny garage! Our winery will be something that is unlike anything else in this region.  We want to create a place where you can come and learn about the wines of Faugères.

Beth Willard – Head Buyer for Direct Wines “A great new wine discovery is never far away in the Languedoc and Domaine la Sarabande is my favourite of 2016” 

We decided to buy vineyards in this region, about 25 minutes north of Beziers,  because we saw the appellations potential to make some serious, long living and robust wines. I relied on Isla’s viticultural experience to find some extraordinary vineyards that she selected because of the balance of ancient schist soils, good drainage, good aspect and a mix of young and very old vines. The vineyards are organic which means that no chemical herbicides or fungicides are used. Only organic fertiliser is used to replenish the soils. The grapes are hand harvested, naturally fermented and the resulting wines are bottled unfiltered and unfined. The strong emphasis is to bottle wines that express the soils and climate of the vineyard while being technically correct and that are free of wine faults and spoilage.

Don’t hold it against me but I am from Australia.  My background includes working in the Sydney wine scene for ten years before completing a wine degree at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Australia. I met Isla in New Zealand where she was studying viticulture and working for Astrolabe wines.  I was working as Red Winemaker at Whitehaven wines. My job was looking after a Pinot Noir project and it was there that I learnt many techniques that I still use today in my winemaking. After Isla and I married we both decided that it was time to leave our comfortable lives in New Zealand and embark on an adventure to start our own wine business and to explore other parts of the world. We decided to try our luck in Europe, where I had worked previously as a flying winemaker in the early 00’s.

Our dream was to find some unique terroir and old vineyards so that we could produce some old world wines with a modern Oz twang. We landed in France in 2009 and became the first Irish/Australian vignerons in the Languedoc.  So far we have completed eight harvests here in France, where we are producing nearly thirty thousand bottles per year and supplying some of the most important wine markets in the world.

The Project

In 2017 we are going to build a brand new winery in the appellation of Faugères, in southern France. We submitted plans, to the local Mairie, to construct an ecologically friendly building on our land near the hamlet of La Liquière. This building will be built predominantly with natural materials and with the aim of being a zero energy construction. The building  will be completely off grid. We would like you to get involved with this project to help us continue to produce these amazing wines. Come and share this dream with us. Come help us work our land, harvest our grapes or blend our wines. Learn about the Languedoc cuisine, taste and learn about the wines of this diverse appellation. As a reward you can be part of a community that embraces all that is great about the south of France – the sunshine, the food, the people, the land and above all the fantastic wine.

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The rewards

I hope you find the rewards appealing. We have something for every budget, whether it’s for you or for a friend! Anyone who pledges will receive a two year membership of Sarabande wines and will receive 10% discount on all wines produced . If you would like to contribute substantially more then we have put together a whole list of rewards for you. If you want to know more please feel free to email us on

Thanks for being part of Domaine la Sarabande

Cheers Paul and Isla Gordon