A leading Languedoc appellation

One of the reasons that we first moved to Faugères was because we really liked the wines that were produced here. We really believe it is one of the best Languedoc regions to produce wines that display unique typicity. The driving factor that we notice in this appellation is that the acidity is quite stable no matter how ripe the grapes become. This is really important as the maturity can race in the hot autumn weeks before harvest. This acidity is often given the misused label of minerality.

Domaine de Schisterelle
We discovered the wines of Schisterelle soon after we arrived in Faugères in 2009. Céline Cabanel started this domaine in 2008. Her family has been growing grapes in the region for many yeras and Céline took over the vineyards in 1999. The grapes were sold to the local Co-op but now she is making some fantastic wines. As the name suggests this white wine has a wonderful bouquet of honeysuckle and muscat grapeiness. The palate is packed full of sweet fruits but finishes dry with some great balanced acidity. I think this wine is only available in France. A great little summer apperitif. 

Summer in the vines

Lou Sagnas before

At this time of year all we seem to do is manage the canopy in our vineyards, pull up weeds and spray our vines. This is all complicated by the 30°C plus days. So our days start early in the morning, 6.30-7.00am, and finish at about 11.00am before the sun reaches the peak of heat. Home for a swim, lunch and siesta then back out at 5.00pm. Happy days! These two pictures are of our young vine syrah ‘Lou Sagnas’ vineyard. We are training these vines to be bush vines (goblet). We have trained them to be very low to the ground so that the amount of old wood is kept to a minimum. The theory is that Syrah is very susceptible to a disease called die-back which can infect in scars on the old trunk of a vine. By minimising the amount of old wood then hopefully we will stop infection. Great in theory but hard on the back.  
Lou Sagnas after

Anyway please come and visit us in France. The weather forcast is for a very hot week ahead. 

Paul and Isla Gordon