Our 2010 harvest is almost over. We have had a very successful vintage this year and a big thanks to Isla’s cousin, Jemima, and the other friends and family that helped us pick and process. We couldn’t have done it without you!! We started picking in the first week of September after what proved to be a hot August. We had temperatures of over 30 degrees for the last two weeks of August which really pushed us to get the early varieties picked. September cooled down a little and some rain made us a little anxious but some lovely cool nights helped in slowing down the ripening of some of the later varieties.

Our first grapes harvested were Cinsault from our ‘Mas de Lanus’ vineyard. We were very happy with how clean this fruit was and like last year we juiced the grapes to make Rose. Our Rose will be different this year as we decided to build some more fruit characters into the wine. Therefore we have made Rose using some Grenache and Mourvedre as well.
Our Grenache was harvested in the middle weeks of September and was really aided by the cool nights. The skins had an opportunity to ripen as the sugar ripeness was slowed down. Therefore the fruity nature of the variety is really supported by some solid structure.
Our new Carignan vineyard performed well this year. The vines here are at least 50 years old and produced some deep concentrated grapes. This combined with the fruit from our ‘Mas de Lanus’ vineyard should add some funky complexity to our wine.
Finally we picked Syrah from our three vineyards. Our new vineyard ‘Sagnas’ was exceptional with some beautiful clean fruit with fresh and rich blackberry and plum characters. ‘La Clavelle’ also gave us some lovely fruit this year. It is deep and dark with some hefty tannin structure and will benefit from aging in barrel. ‘Les Espinasses’ again gave us us some intense fruit and again will go to new barrel. This is the vineyard that we are bottling as a single vineyard from 2009 and I think it has the potential to be as good as last year.
There are only a few more batches to be pressed and then we can put our equipment away for another year. Our marketing has been going very well with some great press from a French magazine ‘Terre de Vins’ who reviewed our 2009 Vin de France. It was described as the ‘choice of a king!’ Lofty words but all the press helps. Our sales trip to Ireland in July was a great success and we plan to make it back over in March next year after our first 2010 wines are bottled. We are sending more wine over before Christmas if anyone would like some over the festive period. Australia should also receive the first shipment before Christmas. We will keep you posted.
Thank you again everyone for your support during the year and happy drinking.
Paul, Isla, Rory and Scarba Gordon