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Domaine La Sarabande was established so that Paul and Isla Gordon could fulfill their dream of making serious long living robust wines. The vineyards were carefully selected to establish a balanced mix of schist soils, good drainage, good aspect and a mix of young and very old vines. The vineyards are organic which means that no chemical herbicides or fungicides are used. Only organic fertiliser is used to replenish the soils. The grapes are hand harvested, naturally fermented and the resulting wines are bottled unfiltered and unfined. The strong emphisis is to bottle wines that express the soils and climate of the vineyard while being technically correct and are free of wine faults and spoilage.

Paul Gordon worked in the Sydney wine scene for ten years before completing a wine degree at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Australia. Paul met Isla in New Zealand. Isla studied viticulture at this time and subsequently worked at Kim Crawford wines and later at Astrolabe wines. Paul worked as Red winemaker at Whitehaven wines. He was in charge of the Pinot Noir project and learnt mant techniques that he still uses today in his winemaking. However Isla and PauI both had ambition to start their own wine business and were becoming restless to explore other parts of the world. They decided to try their luck in Europe, where Paul had worked previously as a flying winemaker in the early 00’s.

They were very much interested in finding some unique terroir and old vineyards so that they could produce some old world wines with a modern Oz twang. They landed in the France in 2009 and became the first Irish/Australian vignerons in the Languedoc. Paul and Isla both love their time in the vineyards. It is the reason that they work for themselves in the south of France. They have rejuvenated several vineyards in the last three years. They have been amazed to see how the vines and the earth react when they are treated organically and by hand. Their desire is to increase their land holdings so that they can breathe life back into the old vines of the Languedoc.

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